There are many diseases but only one health


As a Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach (HWL) and Personal Training Specialist (PTS) I will support you in your endeavors towards a healthier lifestyle.  A healthy life starts with healthy nutrition, but also includes exercise and a healthy mind. I will support and educate you in all these areas.

As a Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach you can book me for several months during which I will follow up with you in weekly sessions. Alternatively, if you are curious and would like to get an assessment together with some recommendations only, you can also book individual sessions. When we meet for our initial session, we will discuss how many, if any, training sessions you would like to book with me for personal training.


I love what I do

I do care. An increasing lack of passion, caring, integrity, and pride is something I personally noticed in people, especially over the past decade. Non-existing or poor communication is another major roadblock. I do not consider this to be a job, but I am very adamant and passionate about what I do. Once again, I care. My goal is to provide you with the most recent and accurate information available and support you in all your endeavors towards a healthier lifestyle. I will do so by providing you with personalized  recommendations for a healthy nutrition and a training program specifically tailored to your needs. 

My biggest reward is to see you succeed in accomplishing your goals!